Tell the truth and shame the devil. Look, listen and learn. Know when to laugh it off, live it up, and last but not least, let it go!!! That old saying comes to mind, That which does not kill you can only make you stronger. If that makes any sense to you, then what I have written so far has not been a total loss, and you have yet to understand that you are reading the ramblings of a crazy-ass woman by now. Join me as I release my thoughts to find my truth—journaling to keep my sanity. In search of that which is no longer but once was.
I will try to make daily entries; if I miss a day or two, pray for me.

March 25, 2021:

I search the radio for that song to relax me when I hear Paul Thorn’s I Don’t Like Half the Folks I Love. Not the music I would usually relax to, but the title alone seems relevant for the occasion.
These children are getting on my damn nerves. What am I to do in the house with three nonfiltered assholes? Ages four, seven, and twelve. Dad (Jake) is deployed and missed by all. Lucky bastard.
Jaden is four-years-old, more like 70. I swear he’s been here before. Jordan is seven and the only one in the house with any common sense right now. My twelve-year-old, Jai, is the introvert of the family and looks at silence as a blessing.
I, Rayne, wife to Jake and mother to three children, am looking to find and release my truth.

Bear with me.

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