June 6
I miss you Mommie. Daddy can’t do my hair. And Grandma refuses to even try. Grandpa suggests a beauty salon, but daddy reminds him that you don’t trust them with my hair. They all say I should get a perm. That won’t happen. I am going to wear my hair natural…like yours.
June 7
Yesterday I managed to brush my hair into a large curly afro puff. This will be my go-to style until I learn how to do more with my hair. Gram and Gramps are still here. They act as if Dad I are lost without them. I am lost without You. It’s only been two weeks since Christ called you home and I wish Gram and Gramps would go home (back home to Florida that is).
June 8
I am glad school is out, and summer is here. Just wish I could spend it with you.
June 9
Dad and I have decided to continue your family date night, and in your honor, we dined at In and Out. Dad looks so sad, and I know it’s because he misses you. He manages to smile every now and then, and I’m certain that is when he’s thinking of you.
June 10

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