Day three of MY TRUTH

March 27, 2021

So much has changed in my life, but the day I met Jake was the beginning of it changing for the better.

Care if I join you?” he asked.
My response was slow and unexpected, but I’m glad I answered as I did. “Only if you give me your name first and know that I’m just taking a walk.”
“My name is Jake. And I’d walk to the end of the earth for and with you.”

Speechless, I smile and start to walk. We walk in silence for a minute or two until Jake asks for my name. I reply, “Rayne,” and noticed that his smile grew bigger, and this causes my heart to melt, and I realize that this weird energy between the two of us is merely attraction. As we walk and talk, we learn that we only live three blocks from each other and have a lot in common.
Jake, like myself, was being pressured to stay in Waycross to go to college when he wanted to be far away from his hovering parents. They mean well, but the smothering could drive anyone insane. I explained my parents’ struggle with drug addiction and my molestation as GeeMa’s reason for wanting me close to home. I knew she wanted to keep an eye on me, and I swear I saw his heart sank. I asked if I shared too much too soon, and he assured me that he was pleased that I was comfortable enough to be so honest and said he wanted to be there for me if ever I need to talk.
I was only comfortable in my own skin when I was in Jake’s presence. Something about him says I see you and accept you as are, flaws and all.

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