I’m an introvert, a silent observer. I only speak when necessary, but mentally I absorb all the bullshit I encounter. I use what I can and store the irrelevant info for possible use later. The conversations with myself are sometimes more engaging than those had with so-called normal people. Abnormal is the new normal. I’m also an empath. I see bullshit and recognize assholes before they are announced or introduced to me. That is one of many things that people love to hate about me. My silence and intuitiveness often lead to people calling me uppity. And since I choose not to engage in their stupidity, I remain silent. My superpower is treating people like they don’t exist. Having someone question their existence in my presence after they have attempted to belittle me is funny as fuck. I remain nonchalant and wait for them to “get the message.” It’s sad, but it usually takes a while.

Published by Belinda Gulley Bates

Hi, my name is Belinda. I am an Introvert/Silent Observer with untold stories waiting for a read. I enjoy people watching, reading, road trips, and writing. I smile, laugh, cry, and can be quite bashful when the opportunity presents itself. My mind runs a marathon that has yet to end, and I write to relax and release.

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