Am I the only one up? It’s 3:33 AM, and I cannot sleep. So as I lay here deep in thought, the only thing I can do is get up and write to release. My mind runs a never-ending marathon (It’s running fast), and I cannot see where, who, what, why, or how it will go.
Conversations that are not with someone standing in front of you or over the phone, zoom, skype, etc., are just as meaningful. I’ve had some deep conversations with myself. Some are motivational, others funny, and many leave me with the WTF expression on my face. Plenty of people tell me that when my mouth doesn’t say what I feel, my facial expression does.
Many think that random thoughts, rambling and staring are often associated with instabilities. Not true, with me, it’s; just because I don’t say it does not mean I didn’t see shit. I’m no longer surprised that some people take silence as stupidity (not realizing they are the stupid one in the equation).
If my rambling makes no sense to you, that’s okay. What makes sense to me may not make sense to you. Just me rambling…

Published by Belinda Gulley Bates

Hi, my name is Belinda. I am an Introvert/Silent Observer with untold stories waiting for a read. I enjoy people watching, reading, road trips, and writing. I smile, laugh, cry, and can be quite bashful when the opportunity presents itself. My mind runs a marathon that has yet to end, and I write to relax and release.

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