Merriam-Webster defines a friend as a person who has a strong liking for and trust in another person. A person who is not an enemy or foe. A person who helps or supports someone.

Quiet as it’s kept, fake positivity is alive and thriving. I believe it can be worse than negativity. The toxic nature hides behind smiles, positive talk, and I have met some who embrace crystals. Many are often living double lives. Two-faced is what it was called back in the day. Friendly when in your face but behind your back nothing but toxic talk.

A real friend is happy to see you make and reach your goals, knows when and how to tell you the truth, is around during good and bad times, and accepts you for you (flaws and all).

¿Are you a friend or foe?

Published by Belinda Gulley Bates

Hi, my name is Belinda. I am an Introvert/Silent Observer with untold stories waiting for a read. I enjoy people watching, reading, road trips, and writing. I smile, laugh, cry, and can be quite bashful when the opportunity presents itself. My mind runs a marathon that has yet to end, and I write to relax and release.

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