When I try to do right, something will go wrong. I know I’m no saint. I am a work in progress, making little to no progress. That scripture about “Faith without work is dead” says a whole lot about me. The devil is out and about, which means I have to work extra hard. Fresh out of prison and living in a halfway house full of reformed convicts like myself, looking for a new start, everything illegal and wrong seems to find me when I want to do right. I can take four steps forward, only to be pushed six steps back once people learn that I have a record. My past seems to determine my present for those unwilling to give me a second chance. I am not the man I used to be. I’m tired, but I refuse to give up. Returning to prison is not an option. I wake each morning asking for strength and an extra dose of common sense. I’m determined to stay on the right path. I will walk with Jesus in all that I do. So help me, God, I will not let the devil win. Not today, not ever.

Published by Belinda Gulley Bates

Hi, my name is Belinda. I am an Introvert/Silent Observer with untold stories waiting for a read. I enjoy people watching, reading, road trips, and writing. I smile, laugh, cry, and can be quite bashful when the opportunity presents itself. My mind runs a marathon that has yet to end, and I write to relax and release.

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