JULY 7, 2022

Day 188 of 2022: Here’s me wishing you peace, love, and happiness.

JULY 6, 2022

Day 187 of 2022: Look, listen and learn.

Look within and be


Optimistic and


Listen to your

Inner voice and

Speak with silence as you

Think positive

Empowering and 

Noteworthy information

Learn to



Refresh and constantly 


JULY 5, 2022

Day 186 of 2022: I know my worth, my value is immeasurable, and I am irreplaceable. There is no other like me, and I am a work in progress, constantly bettering myself.


Extra ebullient in


Times calms the mind and allows

Everything to

Re-align, reset, and restart


Evolves and 

Nurtures our existence

Take time to feed your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Open your heart and 

Focus on what makes you happy while

Motivating and 

Embracing and empowering everyone

JULY 4, 2022

Day 185 of 2022: I know I’m repeating a lot on my blog, and that’s okay because I’m writing for myself. What makes sense to me; maybe me just rambling to you. I find inspiration in words. Words have power. 

Wisdom is gifted to everyone.

Optimism equals progress

Resilience is the comeback after a setback

Determination is the way

Steady wins the race

JULY 3, 2022

Day 184 of 2022: Today is all about me. If self-care and self-love make me selfish, then so be it.

Seeking inner peace

Evolving as an individual

Loving me like I want to be loved

Facing truths as I walk my journey

Illuminating in my growth

Standing tall and strong 

Honoring the betterment of me.

JULY 2, 2022

Day 183 of 2022: I start today with a clear mind. I will make time for myself.

JULY 1, 2022

Day 182 of 2022: I continue to cleanse, release, and remove what is not for me. I return what is not mine back to the sender. I reclaim my power and my voice. Abundance, happiness, and love are my birthright.

JUNE 30, 2022

Day 181 of 2022: 


Relax and 



Truths and remain

Humble and


JUNE 29, 2022

Day 180 of 2022: One hundred and eighty days of writing positive affirmations and quotes has been beneficial. I know I’ve been brief and to the point, but I hope it makes sense to someone other than myself. 

Laugh, love, and smile as long as you live. 






JUNE 28, 2022

Day 179 of 2022:
Self-care, self-empowerment, self-healing, and self-love are necessary. Putting yourself first is not selfish.