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My motto: I trust everybody and nobody while giving the benefit of the doubt to anybody because I have to start with somebody. My reality: I trust no one, not even myself. The daughter, granddaughter, niece, sibling, cousin, aunt, wife, mother, and friend in me is very apologetic for…


She’s five feet six inches tall, an hourglass figure, flawless skin, and hair that other women pay for. Her appearance announces her as she enters a room. Her body reeks of arrogance. Confidence and intimidation are written all over her face. But mentally, she is not who you think she is.She is dressed in deceit,Continue reading “THE NAKED TRUTH”


Come rain or shine; I’m ready to be among fellow parishioners as Pastor Madison delivers as he always does a phenomenal sermon. He speaks from his heart to the souls of those sitting in the pews, and every word spoken resonates with those who are there; it does not matter if they came to seekContinue reading “WILLIE MAE”


The sky depicts my inner thoughts as if it knows more than I care to share. A beautiful blue in hues yet intense with dark clouds and light. My silence becomes whispers, and the murmurs fight the roar as I choose to battle the storm within. My silence has become my roar. I’m not shy,Continue reading “SILENCE”


When I try to do right, something will go wrong. I know I’m no saint. I am a work in progress, making little to no progress. That scripture about “Faith without work is dead” says a whole lot about me. The devil is out and about, which means I have to work extra hard. FreshContinue reading “HERU”


It’s hot and raining hard, the wind is whipping, yet the sun shines as if to say, “Not today, biatch!” I am a gay male and have had no problems discussing this with my father or my mother when she was alive. Family and friends call me JJ, short for Jerry Jr. I’m eighteen yearsContinue reading “JJ”


I smile and wonder if GeeMa is with me in spirit. It has been seven years, yet nothing had changed. The road home is long, winding, and lined with honeysuckle trees. The scent is as relaxing as the ride home. The houses with manicured lawns, people conversing on a front porch, children riding their bikes,Continue reading “THE LIES I TELL AND SECRETS I KEEP”


May 1, 2021: MY TRUTH I know it’s been a while since I’ve written in my journal, but Jake’s home from deployment. And I have been busy spending quality time with him and informing him of family matters. The kids are delighted, and I’m ecstatic to have him home. The so-called normalcy of family lifeContinue reading “MY TRUTH (CONTINUED)”


I’m an introvert, a silent observer. I only speak when necessary, but mentally I absorb all the bullshit I encounter. I use what I can and store the irrelevant info for possible use later. The conversations with myself are sometimes more engaging than those had with so-called normal people. Abnormal is the new normal. I’mContinue reading “IDA THE INTROVERT”