Be grateful to be alive.Stand bold in your truth.Change is always happening.Wear determination as armor.You are empowered.Focus on you.Your efforts show growth.Embrace hope.Include happiness in your life.Spread joy to others.Your knowledge is power.Love yourself and those around you.You are the Master of your fate.Never give up.Be open to change.Positivity is your middle name.You are aContinue reading “A THRU Z AFFIRMATIONS”


I am creating change.I am focused and strong-minded.I know that nothing is impossible.I am enough.I have faith in myself and embrace that others believe in me also.I am who I am because I am doing my best every day, and I choose happiness.I am grateful all day, every day.I am ready.


There may be days when you may feel like giving up, but something deep inside says, “You got this!” So you keep moving forward. Stay focused on your goals and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Failure is not an option; it’s a choice. Choose success.


The wind is dancing to an unknown beat, thunder and lightning are singing notes known to many, and the heat is unbearable. Talk about raining cats and dogs. The weather outside has nothing on the storm that lives within each of us. Life is as unpredictable as we are. Everything yet nothing is as itContinue reading “¿THE STORM INSIDE?”