I remove and release all negative attachments, energies, experiences, and thoughts, not for my higher good.
I am getting out of my way and moving forward.
I deserve peace, love, and happiness.
I give and receive peace, love, and happiness.
I am open, ready, and willing to accept all that is for the betterment of me.
What is meant for me will find me.
I am grateful for all that I am, for all that I have, and all that is on its way to me.


Birth, change, and death are certainties. Life happens. Deal with change accordingly and always move forward.


I start this week grateful, thankful for what I have and all that is coming my way.
I am confident with all that I do.
I am empowered.
I accept all challenges.
I am determined, focused, limitless, and ready.


Today is well-being Wednesday.
I am able, ready, and willing to try new things and experience growth.
I start and end each day grateful.
I am kind.
I am mindful.
I am open to new ideas, opportunities, and possibilities.
I am positive.
I am true.
My endless efforts are my stepping stones.
I walk in happiness.
Knowledge is power. I dress in it and seek it daily.
Empowering myself and others is joyful.
I will never quit.


Today is Fearless Friday.
I am grateful to be alive.
I know that progress is not possible without effort.
I dream big.
I am humble but not timid.
I am proud.
I welcome my mistakes and failures as lessons and opportunities for growth.
I am fearless and walking in the belief and confidence in myself.
I am ready.


I am creating change.
I am focused and strong-minded.
I know that nothing is impossible.
I am enough.
I have faith in myself and embrace that others believe in me also.
I am who I am because I am doing my best every day, and I choose happiness.
I am grateful all day, every day.
I am ready.


Today and every day, I choose happiness.
I am beautiful.
I am confident.
I am grateful.
I am healthy.
I am positive.
I am worthy.
I am excited about TODAY.