You have the power to create the day you want. Choose to have an amazing day. Be filled with gratitude and release all negativity. Let positive vibes flow through your body and mind.

You have immeasurable power.
You deserve happiness.
Embrace yourself.
Accept and love all of you, inside and out.
You are imperfectly perfect.

Uniquely you.


Today is well-being Wednesday.
I am able, ready, and willing to try new things and experience growth.
I start and end each day grateful.
I am kind.
I am mindful.
I am open to new ideas, opportunities, and possibilities.
I am positive.
I am true.
My endless efforts are my stepping stones.
I walk in happiness.
Knowledge is power. I dress in it and seek it daily.
Empowering myself and others is joyful.
I will never quit.


We all know that Monday can be that dreaded day partly because we wish the weekend lasted longer. Make this Monday’s State of Mind a positive vibe. Your mindset is positive, and you are ready for growth. There is nothing you cannot do (nothing is impossible). You are looking forward to setting and meeting new goals.
Dreams do come true. Believe in yourself. You have the confidence and courage to pursue your dreams. You got this!


Each day I grow and become a better version of myself.
I appreciate the love and support of my family and friends.
My creativity comes from the positive energy that surrounds me.
I am capable, determined, and ready.


I am happy today.
I start today with a positive attitude.
I am going to do amazing things today.
I have all that I need and want.
I am excited about what today will bring.
I am ready.


Today and every day, I choose happiness.
I am beautiful.
I am confident.
I am grateful.
I am healthy.
I am positive.
I am worthy.
I am excited about TODAY.


Gossip arouses people’s interest.

Gossip exists because people listen. Most talk is about someone who is not around or a part of the conversation. And believe me when I tell you that if someone gossips to you about someone, they will or already have gossiped to someone about you.
Gossiping often takes place when people can’t start an interesting conversation. Gossip arouses people’s interest. It amazes me that people will listen to the lies knowing that the person talking has ill intentions. People also gossip because they have insecurities they need to address, and it’s usually about people they envy. It’s not unusual for someone to give you more thought than you do them.
If someone approaches you with gossip, ask them how this pertains to you and why they tell you if it does not. The gossiper needs to know that you will not listen to gossip or talk about anyone if it is not positive.