It’s not that you fell. What matters is that you got up and kept moving. Struggles and failures are life lessons that make us stronger. So stop equating your life lessons to your self-worth and self-esteem. They are merely teaching moments that are a part of your growth.


Working on myself dailyOpen to opportunitiesReaching for successKnowledge is a part of my armor IntegrityNow and forever Passionate about my purposeReady for lifeOptimistic about the futureGratitude is also a part of my armorRejoicing in my purposeEmbracing changeSeriouslySelf-loving me


You can achieve anything you want.Your hard work shows that you are capable.Your potential is endless.You are creative.Your talents and skills improve daily.You are immeasurable.You are irreplaceable.You are enough.You are whole.Embrace your determination, knowledge, power, and skills, and wear them as armor.You are limitless.


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My motto: I trust everybody and nobody while giving the benefit of the doubt to anybody because I have to start with somebody. My reality: I trust no one, not even myself. The daughter, granddaughter, niece, sibling, cousin, aunt, wife, mother, and friend in me is very apologetic for…


I am addicted to the betterment of myself and fiending for my passion and purpose. I am empowered as I walk in my truth.As I continue to grow and learn, knowledge and strength become part of my armor. I am content where I am in life at this very moment. Patience and divine timing areContinue reading “THURSDAY AFFIRMATION”


Someone needs to hear this, ” You got this.” Stop worrying about what others are saying and about how they will react to what you are doing. Just do you. Your dreams are YOUR DREAMS. They will only come true if YOU PUT IN THE WORK to see them come to fruition. Believe in yourself.Continue reading “YOU GOT THIS”