Be grateful to be alive.
Stand bold in your truth.
Change is always happening.
Wear determination as armor.
You are empowered.
Focus on you.
Your efforts show growth.
Embrace hope.
Include happiness in your life.
Spread joy to others.
Your knowledge is power.
Love yourself and those around you.
You are the Master of your fate.
Never give up.
Be open to change.
Positivity is your middle name.
You are a quintessential human being.
You are ready.
Self-care and self-love are a given.
Be thankful for the good days as well the bad days.
You are unique.
Your life is valuable.
Work on yourself daily.
You are x-ceptional.
Zany best describes you.

You are uniquely you. No one’s approval is needed.


I am amazing, beautiful, and carefree.
I am determined to succeed.
I am excited to be alive.
I am fearless.
Gratitude is my armor.
Healing is a part of my natural high.
Inspiration comes easily to me.
I am jovial and kind.
My laughter is contagious.
I am mindful of others.
I am natural.
I am optimistic about the future.
I attract positivity.
I am a quiet yet quirky Queen.
I am relevant.
I am smart.
I am thoughtful.
I am unselfish.
I am vibrant.
I am witty.
I am x-ceptional.
I am youthful.
I am zany.